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Yoyo contest central

yoyo contest central

Contestants performing in an unsafe manner may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.
If you want to show both tricks with 1 and 2 yo-yos in 4A or 5A without any deductions, you need to show 1 yo-yo tricks first, then add another yo-yo to show 2 yo-yo tricks.
Not subject to be awarded any point(s) Picture Tricks (making shapes with the strings that do not interact with the yo-yo) Any move in which one yo-yo keep staying in the same state (like sleeper or in a tmlewin promo code trapeze) while the other keep moving Looping.
Dec 2017, m T, w T, f S, s Texas State Yo-Yo and Kendama Contest.A contestant may only use the yo-yos they personally bring with them on stage.Major Deductions (MD) These deductions will be subtracted after all the scores above are summed.On the other hand, if the music continues to play after three minutes, and the contestant continues to perform more than three minutes, the contestant may be subject to disqualification.During their freestyle, a contestant may not receive or use yo-yos from audience members.
If a judge(s) could not keep the score fully valid due to an accident or malfunction of judging devices, the judge(s) can rejudge or reevaluate the freestyle with a video recording under the supervision of the head or lead judge after the division is over.
Even if the contestant comes back to the yo-yo to reuse it, if the contestant uses another yo-yo once, the yo-yo discarded will be counted.

Judge takes only succession, difficulty, risk and variation of each trick performed.Not subject to be awarded any point(s) Picture Tricks (making shapes with the string that does not interact with the yo-yo) Looping Off Finger, Mobius Swing/Pinwheel in which yo-yo does not interact with the string Any string maneuver which does not interact with the yo-yo.Did the freestyle have scene changes, peak control, or climax?Current Status as of August 2014.Definition of divisions 1A: Freestyle with one string-trick yo-yo with the string attached to one hand (Tricks are based on mounts and touches between the yo-yo and string.) (One Yo-Yo.Special Consideration for Americas, since no multinational contest has been previously established for the Americas (North, Central, and South America special consideration is given for seeding to the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contests.It is simply how good the control of yo-yo and string.Generally, the entire three minute performing time is subject to evaluation.Each division should have 10 or more contestants (AP:15-120, eyyc:4-70).Maintenance tools, performance props, and any other items are strictly prohibited.
All five divisions (1A-5A) with 3 minute finals.