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Sweep present past past participle

sweep present past past participle

15 to sweep the board board sweep up phrasal verb If you sweep up rubbish or dirt, you push it together with a brush and then remove.
V P, Also V n P chimney sweep ( chimney sweeps plural ), chimney-sweep A chimney sweep is a person price for planning drawings whose job is to clean the soot out of chimneys.
V n prep/adv 6 verb If you are swept somewhere, you are taken there very quickly.V, Also V n with adv 2 verb, if you sweep things off something, you push them off with a quick smooth movement of your arm.Sweep sth under the carpet/sweep sth under the rug phrase V inflects For a long time this problem has been swept under the carpet.V through/across.the wave of patriotism sweeping the country.V prep/adv The Chief turned and swept out.V n prep/adv, norma picked up the broom and began sweeping.V n prep/adv, her long, fine hair was swept back in a ponytail.
V prep/adv The car swept past the gate house.
Written An icy wind swept through the streets.

A clean sweep phrase PHR n, usu v PHR.the first club to make a clean sweep of all three trophies.A flu epidemic is sweeping through Moscow.V n prep/adv 7 verb If something sweeps from one place to another, it moves there extremely quickly.The visitors were swept past various monuments.V prep/adv 8 uverse remote s10 s3 verb If events, ideas, or beliefs sweep through a place, they spread quickly through.His arm swept around the room.V n In both republics, centre-right parties swept to power.
Written She swept into the conference room.