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Pull aim squeeze sweep fire extinguisher

pull aim squeeze sweep fire extinguisher

It is there to prevent accidental discharge.
They can also aid in keeping evacuation routes clear, allowing co-workers to get to safety.
"Because no matter how strong you are, once you put pressure on the handle, you're going to have a hard time getting that pin out.".Explanation: The extinguisher should be discharges using the.A.S.S technique pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep., p ull the pin to break the tamper seal., a im low, pointing the nozzle of the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire., s queeze the handle.The new equipment certainly makes training easier.It is a small piece of advice that could mean the difference between a minor incident and a catastrophic lossone tidbit of information that Medeiros supplies as part of his fire extinguisher training class.Having spent most of his career in health and safety, Grof remembers the days when fire departments would light pallets on fire to provide the extinguisher training.
It will be collected and recharged after the fire scene is secure.
"These guys are in manufacturing, so they are used to working with tools he said.

FM Global has awarded millions of dollars in grants across the United States and internationally.Proper use of a fire extinguisher at the incipient stage can quickly douse small fires before they become major incidents, or contain a fire until firefighters arrive.Medeiros's stop at Taco was not by coolsculpting discount chance.As employees take aim at the fire, Medeiros activates the burner, which looks like a large camping stove.Workplace Safety Fire Safety Quiz Question.They are multi-purpose (ABC) extinguishers.