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Horse saddle giveaway

horse saddle giveaway

Spoiled by our giant indoor arena.
Trainer is keeping me on my game with lots of crazy pole exercises so thats fun!
Local (ish) pricetags for what I would be interested.
Rider horse development, how to, thought-provoking and even playing around posts, celebrating our equine friends in every way.I was pretty sure I could survive the ride, but did not think it would fit. .Nothing is 100 in horses, but its what I felt comfortable with.I borrowed my lesson mates Beval Stamford. .Im not looking to add a 4th member to the family. .I was so, so impressed. .In hindsight, I had some kind of illusion in my mind that since my saddle had worked for me for such a long time, that I somehow would be ruined for any others. .Which essentially means, I can follow a lot of processes, and not be offended when they triple check things. .When I was pregnant with my daughter I was still riding my mare, and while I knew her very well she wasnt the most trust worthy creature at that time.I hope it will help me get back on my jumping game even more after baby.
Such a cool experience!
Both groups will continue to train with respective trainers and do our own programs, but for the first time in a long time we will be sharing home turf.

Just not this one.Obviously not excited about that, but there arent a lot of options closer to my home either way.Plus, my self-perservation is pretty high right now. .It was a secret gift purchased by my mother, unbeknownst to my poor father. .Insurance options for horse 2, contests cleveland ohio general cost for boarding, general cost for training rides, lightly scheduled during our busy seasons.I hope everyone is enjoying time with family, eating too much food and sleeping it off afterwards.But regardless, I usually speak their language. .