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Contest of champions 2 star synergy

contest of champions 2 star synergy

Again, never ever sell your heroes!
Focus Upgrade Higher Star Ranked Heroes.
You can rotate through all of them daily to get max amount of Arena crystal.Never Sell Your Heroes.This is the discount tire locations richmond tx best way for you to receive the premium heroes in the game.You can check out the list of stages as well as enemies from our.How to Get More Heroes.When they are fully charged, expect them to use the specials on you.Always Charge for the heavy attack, wait for them to start dashing towards you.You can get free units when you first complete the stage, and when you get 100 explore completion reward on any stage.Premium Hero Crystal, you basically spend 100 units for each shot at opening a hero crystal.The higher rarity heroes typically have stronger skills, better stats, more synergy options.Time Your Specials, your specials are the main methods of dishing out damage against the enemy.You can kill them without ever losing 1 single HP, in addition, you gain more special meter with charged attack as well.The bonuses range from higher health, attack, critical damage, and more.In addition, certain arena events require you to have lower ranked heroes for 3vs3 fights.By following all of these guidelines and tips, you will be winning the game in no time.Either way, it is better to be on the offensive in the game.
If the enemys blocking, then you get a few free shots that lower enemy.
Know Your Heros Specials Different heroes have different styles of combo.

Synergy are bonuses when you a set combo of heroes on your team.Daily Crystal, you have chances to receive 13 star heroes with the daily claim.Focus on Story Quests First.Charge for Hard Attack after Distance If the enemy AI has a good distance between you and him.It means that you do not switch to defense or block in the middle.It can be tempting to start upgrading your heroes when you first start the game.If you use the specials incorrectly, you can very likely hit air and just waste those specials.